Yoga Anyone?

Happy New Year everyone!

Hope everyone had a wonderful, stress-free and hopefully fat-free holiday!! I had to work over the holidays unfortunately – but at least I made some money towards tuition! 😛

You know, I’ve always been a fan of exercise and sports – especially Wing Chun and Wushu martial arts! (Psst, I’m in the same lineage as Bruce Lee) I’ve always wanted to try Yoga as I know many people who practice on a regular basis and they just rave about it all the time. I even have a friend from U of T that once said whilst chatting on Facebook, “ROYML!!” I was like, “What does that mean?” I mean, I’ve heard of “LOL”, “ROFL”, “LMAO” etc but what in the world is “ROYML”? Well, after a long pause on my part she said, “You know, rolling on yoga mat laughing.” Hahaha. I swear she invented that one!

So, recently I’ve decided to take up Yoga and seeing as I’m a poor student I practice at home with some DVD’s I purchased from Chapters. So far, it’s going pretty well and I must admit it’s very relaxing and gives me an energy boost I need. I’ve tried several DVD’s and I really like Shiva Rea’s methods and approach. It would be awesome if I can join a class one of these days – but for now, I guess it’s just DVD’s!

Anyone have any Yoga tips you’d like share? Enlighten me please!

Namaste ❤

– M


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