Happy Holidays!!

Hey there everyone!!

Only four more days before Christmas, have you finished all your shopping yet?? Hope you all had fun pushing and shoving your way to the cashiers while maintaining your awesome poise. 😉 I, on the other hand, decided it would be in my best interest to shop online this year so, yes, I’ve got everything all neatly wrapped up and for the first time – I’m stress free! AWESOME!

If you’re like me and you live in colder regions (Canada), normally we’d have a nice layer of snow by now but as of today – there’s no snow AND it looks quite…..grey. Not that I’m complaining since I’m not really a huge fan of cold weather and the thought of having to shovel through inches of snow every morning in my driveway is NO FUN. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t move to warmer regions – I think I need to move down south! 😛

Now that exams are over, I hope everyone has a relaxing holiday (for those going on vacation – so jealous, take me with you please??), a wonderful Christmas and an AWESOME new year! Have fun and stay safe everyone.

Take care,



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