DWC Volunteer Trip in Cambodia – July 07-21, 2012

Hello everyone!

The weather is getting cold, snow is falling, and Christmas is almost here – can you believe it?? Not to mention the seasonal flu going around – luckily I’ve only got a runny nose and a little cough. Hope everyone is staying warm out there! All this winter talk is making me think about the volunteer trip in Cambodia in July of 2012 and how I want to go there this instant!

After many re-arranging attempts and lots of planning by my dear friend Tanja, we have finally settled on a date for the volunteer trip in Cambodia – July 07 – 21, 2012, eh hem, during my birthday too! Much to my excitement that is!  This is a much anticipated trip as we had to cancel twice in the past year due to people’s conflicting schedules, financial resources etc, we had to keep postponing this trip until now – hopefully, this will be it ladies and gentleman!

If you’re the type of person that LOVES to travel, LOVES to learn about different cultures, and LOVES to volunteer – THIS is the trip my friends!

The volunteer trip is with an organization called Developing World Connections and the team leader is my friend, Tanja. For more information, here’s the link. To participate, you will need to fill out two forms (Volunteer application form and a Volunteer agreement form available here and here, if you are under 19 years of age, you will require this form here. Please share this link with everyone you know that may be interested in taking part in this worthy cause and exciting experience! We’re still accepting applications so hurry on over and complete those forms! 😉

Perhaps I’ll see you in Cambodia?!

Much love,



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