Fashion for a ‘Greener’ World – Introducing The Versalette by {r}evolution apparel

Are you a trend starter? Do you love fashion? Are you concerned about our environment and have the urge to make a difference in our world? If you answered “yes” to all those questions, than look no further my dear friends! A couple of AWESOME gals over at the All of Us Revolution blog has just created, dare I say it? –  the best fashion piece I have ever laid my eyes upon? What’s even more AWESOME is that it’s made with 100% recycled fabric and can be worn 15 WAYS? Yeah, you heard it right! This piece can be worn 15 different ways – you can pack less the next time you go vacationing!

Cool, right? ({r}evolution apparel)

Admit it, you want one too! BUT, they need your help to make this happen! {r}evolution apparel needs to raise $20,000 before December 22, 2011 8pm EST. Make a pledge today! You can do so here.

Love love,



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