Remembering to Give Thanks

Remembering to Give Thanks

Too often do I see children yelling at their parents and elders; everywhere I look I see these children take their elders for granted and not realize that they are very lucky to have them. Some young people think that the older generation are, well, OLD. They believe that they can’t connect with them or that they are no longer useful to them and use excess verbiage and so push them aside. Of course, not everyone thinks that way!

In Stories of Buddhism, written by Most Venerable Hsin Ting, he stresses the importance of respecting our elders and the importance of filial piety. As well as the valuable lessons that we can learn from the older generations because they have experienced things we have not and we can definitely learn from their successes as well as their failures. With their lessons of success, we will continue to strive to accomplish more as they have done and with their lessons of their failures, we will have learned what we need to avoid and remember not to repeat the same mistakes they did.

My Grade 6 teacher back in elementary school always loved to talk about his life and family. He told us that his relationship with his father was never good. They would constantly fight about the littlest things and my teacher would always leave in frustration. As he grew older and matured he realized that it was silly to always fight and bicker every time they saw each other and decided it was time to reconcile and work things out. The next day, he received a call from his mother; his father had just passed away. He regretted not ever having said “thank you” to his father and now that he is gone, there’s no way he could ever say it to him.

All the excess verbiage they use only means they care for you. So the next time you see your parents, grandparents or other elderly people, remember to say “thank you”. Take advantage of every day that you are with them, don’t live with any regrets. Be thankful that they are here to teach and guide you; I know I will.


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