Cause an Effect: What are YOU doing?

A while back, I posted about a fundraiser selling hand-made soaps to raise awareness about the importance of conservation for the Planet Releaf campaign hosted by the Roots & Shoots Canada (Jane Goodall Institute of Canada). I cannot stress enough how important it is to educate ourselves about the planet  and what needs to be done to protect our planet and all living things from further harm. We may not be able to restore Earth’s original state but we can at least slow down the deterioration and perhaps with our hard work, we can bring some animals from the brink of extinction.

One of the first steps to helping our planet is to first help our environment. I have noticed numerous people in the neighbourhood in which I live that do not recycle. That’s right! They do not, I repeat, DO NOT recycle. I see people throwing their soda cans, plastic water bottles, empty pizza boxes etc in a garbage bag and leave it on the curb for garbage collection. Many people don’t realize that that plastic bottle will outlive them in the landfill site. A plastic bottle will take hundreds of year to decay naturally; you can imagine the burden these plastic bottles are putting on the land and it can have a profound impact on our environment (Environment Canada). Or perhaps, people do realize the hazards throwing recyclable goods would have but are too lazy to do anything about it? Nonetheless, educating people about the hazards and impacts it’ll have on our environment and ultimately our planet is important for people’s understanding.

It may seem like there’s no hope for our planet, seeing as our planet is deteriorating at such a rapid pace but I believe like many others out there do, we CAN do something about it. Here are some videos I would like to share with everyone. I hope they will inspire and motivate you as they have for me, to DO SOMETHING.

Dr. Jane Goodall –  Gombe: 50 years of research and inspiration

David Suzuki – What’s your story?

NHL star Willie Mitchell defends wild salmon

Also, check out: Castle Ink for eco-friendly ink cartridges for your printer!

I would love to hear your story! Have you made a difference? Please join our Roots & Shoots Group on Facebook!


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