Volunteer in Cambodia with DWC!!!

Hey everyone!!

A great and upcoming opportunity to volunteer in Cambodia with a wonderful organization called “Developing World Connections” will be happening in 2011. The exact dates are still to be announced but for now, it’s going to be in April of 2011. A friend of mine will be leading the group for this project which is pretty cool.

Here’s some more information about the organization and the leader Tanja Kisslinger.

Have you always wondered what it might be like to volunteer overseas? If so, please consider joining “Team Cambodia 2011”. I’m leading a team of volunteers on behalf of a wonderful organization called “Developing World Connections”. Follow the links below to learn more about the organization, the trip, the work to be done in country, and the application process.

Cambodia is rich in natural resources; however, decades of war and internal conflict have left it one of the world’s poorest countries with deep social and economic scars. During the Vietnam War, two million rural Cambodians were made refugees who fled to the capital, Phnom Pehn. Then, in 1975, the Khmer Rouge rose to power and, in three years, killed between one and three million Cambodians. Cambodians are making a valiant attempt to rebuild their communities and livelihoods and to create the foundation for a civil society. Your presence as a volunteer will serve as an important gesture of international solidarity and will honor the people’s efforts in building a future.

Volunteers support locally driven projects in housing, food security, resource conservation, literacy, and vocational training. One of the most satisfying projects are building “Dream Homes” for families chosen by the community. In all cases, you will work side-by-side with the villagers of Chamkar Bei. No special skills are required… except perhaps for a sense of humor and an open-mind! 🙂


My name is Tanja Kisslinger, and I am the Team Leader for this DWC trip. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly, either by FBook message or by e-mail to tanjak555@gmail.com.

P.S. If you are unable to join us, please consider passing this invitation along to friends and family who might be interested / willing to volunteer in Cambodia with us in 2011! THANK YOU for that 🙂
I heard Cambodia is REALLY BEAUTIFUL and so if you want to go travel in some exotic place and make a difference at the same time, this opportunity should NOT be missed! Maybe I’ll see you guys there!



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