Surviving Life as a Student and Making a Difference

As a soon-to-be undergraduate student at University of Toronto, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed with all the new things that you approach and what approaches you, especially when you are at the downtown campus! With a big city like Toronto, a campus that’s as big as a town, and crazy traffic almost everywhere it really does feel a bit daunting…at first. There are several student centres that you can approach if you ever need anything but I found that the tips and advice from the students already there were the most helpful and still is. I found their advice very helpful in preparing for what’s to come and is also helpful for students already there too.

I recently found a blog called Surviving Studenthood which I thought really captures the voice of a university student with a dash of humour thrown in as well. The student who writes the blog entries is also from UT! I definitely suggest you check them out not because they are fellow colleagues but because I really think it’s a great read 😀

Another site is the UpbeaT, which I absolutely enjoy reading because it’s really inspiring and innovative. One of the writers, Lucy, will be leaving the blog but I found her last blog entry to be truly inspiring for me. A little off topic here…..but anyways, I have always felt the urge to save the world, cure cancer and other diseases, stop the warfare, change the world, and somehow make a difference. But, quoting Lucy here, “Sometimes it seems to me that no matter how hard we try, we’ll never end up “making” that “difference.” I used to think that perhaps owning up to our ultimate doom is the only way we can find redemption.” But as I listen to the voices of people like Dr. Jane Goodall, I feel that perhaps we can make a difference even if we feel like giving up. People like Dr. Goodall and Lucy remind me that we should dare to dream, dare to challenge, and dare to settle for nothing less than that of a legacy! Thank you Lucy! Thank you Dr. Goodall! Thank you Surviving Studenthood and thank you to those who are always here reminding us and inspiring us to step up and make a difference!


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