Valentine’s Day & Chinese New Year: Only happens every 57 years

Well, the countdown to the Chinese New Year is coming closer as we speak! And I just can’t wait to see my relatives for the get-together!

I thought it was pretty cool that the Chinese New Year this year is on the same day as Valentine’s Day, what I didn’t realize until recently that it only occurs every 57 years. I guess it makes this year a very interesting one and will only witness it once unless I am so lucky as to live to 100 years old! I have to say, it makes this year quite special! The Chinese New Year a.k.a the Spring Festival is THE most important festival for all the Chinese people all over the world, as it is the end of the old year and hopefully all the bad luck will disappear and hope the new year will bring great luck!

On New Year’s Eve, at exactly 11 pm, is the time when many will gather at a temple and light the first incense to make a wish. This one of the many traditions that the Chinese people continue to this day. The problem is…….trying to light your incense. There’s usually so many people at any given temple, trying to make a wish that it’s probably a better idea if you brought your own lighter/matches etc to light your incense. I remember one time, during a trip to Hong Kong and visited a temple to witness first-hand what it’s like during the Mid-Autumn Festival and all I can say is Ouch! Yeah, unfortunately I burnt or should I say someone who had just lit their PACK of incense and was running around with it and somehow just bumped into poor ‘ol me! Don’t think I’d ever want to do that again!

Every year, when the Chinese New Year is near, memories of my grandmother preparing cakes, puddings, fried dough etc all comes back. It was a lot of fun just watching her prepare them and of course eating them too! Now that she can no longer prepare them herself, I can’t help but feel a little bit of regret about not learning from her when given the chance! Now, I’ll just have to settle with buying them from the stores but nothing beats the taste of home-made goods! But maybe it’s not too late to learn……from my mother perhaps? 😀

Traditions can sometimes seem lame or boring but it’s what makes us all so different and unique! What family traditions do you have? I’d love to hear about them! Until next time! 😉


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